adding the first figures

I fixed the personal carrier to the base, added some details (tools on a cloth, parts from the open stowage box, a jerrycan) and finished the two guys working on the right track. Now the only thing left is to sculpt the soldier painting on the mud. The mud itself is already visible on the left side of the hull:


Continuing with the chassis

I continued to work on the chassis of the panzerwerfer, with great support from the Dragon Maultier kit. The radiator grill, the tow coupling and the housing of the differential were all copied from resin using the Maultier parts. The axle holders from the running gear are the only parts from the Italeri Maultier kit used, all other parts were made from brass and styrene:

Still a long way to go… The next items to be added will be the fuel tank, some other details left out also in the Maultier kit (from photographic references) and also the front axle with its prominent leaf springs, that are highly visible on this vehicle.