The Kuebelwagen is finished

I painted the Kuebelwagen (belonging to a Fallschirmjaeger unit) and placed a dead (wounded) soldier in the car. Then it was placed on the base:


Another Kuebelwagen: North Africa 1942

I want to build another Kuebelwagen, being inspired from a well known wartime reference picture:

It shows a vehicle from “Sonderkommando Dora”, a special operation conducted in June 1942. The goal was to gain intelligence on the enemies’ positions south of Lybia, and to interrupt the allied supplies arriving that way. This operation was called “Kommando Dora”, and the aforementioned “Sonderkommando” was part of this operation, with the goal of mapping parts of southern Lybia for military purposes.

The picture now shows two soldiers sitting on a Kuebelwagen and studying a map, in the middle of some impassable area covered with large blocks of basalt.

On the fender of the car the emblem of this operation, a scorpion, is also visible: