Figure sculpting

Actually I am not happy with the two figures still missing, so I decided to sculpt these figures from scratch. I started with the first figure:

I made a frame from two pieces of milliput (shoulders and pelvis) and some pieces of copper wire, forming the back and two legs. After bending this frame to the final pose, I fixed it using more Milliput. Then I sculpted the boots and the trousers legs, which are not that detailed higher up, as they will be covered with the coat later on.


PaK 35/36

The Warsaw street fighting scene will feature also a PaK 35/36 anti – tank gun together with the Panzer I. I have a spare one from a Dragon kit, and I bought the old Tamiya kit as well, as I like to convert the figures included to fit this scene. I added a turned barrel from Aber, and a PE set from Eduard.

Both kits are similar, the Tamiya gun has crisper details (but fewer), whereas the Dragon gun features more details, but the moulding is less crisp. The PE set is disappointing. Only a few parts can be used, and Eduard really missed the opportunity to add much more nice details.

As I have quite some reference pictures available, I will scratchbuild a lot of the missing details by myself. I started with the base of the gun:

In the meantime I continued working on the Pak, and I have also finished the construction of the base, which is now ready for painting:

The lower part of the Pak is now ready to be painted, and the base is also finished:

Pak 06