converting the burnt out Opel

For some time I have been busy with converting the Opel, which is now almost ready to get painted. Only the roof, which will be fitted after painting the car, and the registration plates are missing. For the roof, I will use the kit part, thinned using my Dremel tool, and also be scratched and bent. The registration plate holders will be made from brass sheet.

The remaining parts of the seats are made from copper wire, and some parts (pedals, gear switch, steering wheel) are made from brass. Apart from that, the kit parts where used. Some parts were thinned with the Dremel and some dents were created with my sculpting tools after the plastic was made soft using a soldering iron cautiously held above the surface.


Dragon “Last Battle” – second build

Actuall, I don’t like the scene featuring the four Dragon figures and the archway anymore, and also the figures could look better. Therefore, I will build a new scene using these figures (6278 – 1/35 “Last Battle” (Austria 1945)) again.

I would also like to include a burnt out car, something like the one to be seen here:

Kadett kaputt

For the car, I have chosen an Opel from ICM (Kadett K38 Saloon, WWII German Staff Car), and I am currently busy with modifying the interior accordingly.