The Maultier is (almost) finished

During the last two weeks, I continued to work on the Maultier. I finished the driver’s cab, added the putty details to the canvas and finally also painted the cargo bay. After a intensive round of weathering using oils, I put all three main parts (frame, cabin, cargo bay) together and added some mud from enamels, also adding plaster. Then I added the wheels and the running gear, and did another round of mud. Finally, I assembled the tracks, using a Friulmodel Pz I set, and redid the mud.

What is still missing is the refinement of the mud coverage, but this I will do when also the Schwimmwagen is finished, so I can do the mud also on the base, and finish all at once, so that the same colors and textures are used.

I also started to build the Tamiya Schwimmwagen, adding PE parts from an Aber set. As there are plenty of reference photos available, some additional scratch built details will also be added.


News from the Maultier

I started to build the Dragon Maultier, by assembling the individual parts separately (cargo bay, frame, driver´s cab). During the assembly of the driver´s cab, I painted the individual parts already, as they will not be accessible later. Then I kept the roof and the doors separate, and started to sculpt two figures that will be placed inside the cab. Having finished these figures, I placed them into the driver´s cab.

The cargo bay was assembled from the kit, with some PE parts added. From the start, I planned to add a canvas from MagicSculp. So I did not bother to add all the details that will disappear below the canvas, and only added the bars supporting the canvas. Then I added the canvas from putty sheets, and started to add the details.