The ruins are finished

The wall pieces are now fixed to the base. The door casing between the brick walls is made from styrene sheet and some brass parts from the stash. Things start to look very solid now:

Ruine roh 01  Ruine roh 02

After priming with Tamiya gray I painted everything with Vallejo acrylics. A wash and further details were added using oils.

The door will be placed forced out of the hinges inside the door casing. The plate reads “Keep out” and was made from decal sheet:

Tür 01  Türe 02

These are the painted ruins:

The next step will be covering the ground with rubble, using some scale bricks and plaster parts. The ground will be made from a local version of celluclay.

I am a bit nervous, as I never tried making groundwork this way. And perhaps the diorama will be finished until Christmas time…


Diorama base and ruins

Now the base is finished. It is made from a plywood board, some ledgers and thin plywood parts attached to the sides. After being glued together, it was covered with veneer, stained and varnished.

This is how the base looks like at the moment:

Auf Sockel 02 Auf Sockel 01

Here the stained and varnished veneer is visible.


The walls are made from plaster parts being left over from the first version of the scene, and are temporarily placed on the base. Behind the Opel, there will be a small brick wall, opposite to the car a wall with concrete pillars, bricks and a steel door.

The brick structure was carved into the plaster using various sculpting tools:

Mauer roh 02 Mauer roh 01