Painting the SdKfz 222

The body of the scout car is now built together and ready to be painted. After that and the weathering stage, it will be fixed to the base. Then the turret with the gun will also be built and added.

And that is how it looks like now:


And another figure finished…

Now the last soldier that will be standing in the snow is finished and fixed to the base. The head is only preliminary fitted, and will be finally glued in place after the scout car and the very last figure (which will be seating on the scout car) is also added:

Interior of the scout car

I finished building the interior of the SdKfz 222, so that I can start to paint it now, before gluing the hull together. I also sprayed the undercarriage with panzer grey, and fixed the engine to it:

The red primer looks quite ugly, but it will not be visible after the hull is closed. The other parts are sprayed with a slightly down toned white, and then chipped with a sponge. Then I added some brown – ochre wash and started to paint the details of the fitted gear, bearing in mind that a lot will not be visible later on.

I also fixed snow chains (from Minor,  a Spanish company) to the resin wheels I bought separately. Soldering works well, and the joints are soldered together fast enough not to leave any damage on the wheels:


Now I finished painting the interior, glued the lower part of the body to the undercarriage and added the radiator:

As next step I will glue the body together, and continue to build the vehicle.


I added the third figure

I finished the third figure and fixed it on the base:

The next figure will be the last to be standing on the ground, and it is already in the course of being painted:

There will be another figure, that will be seated on the SdKfz 222.

I also continued to work on the scout car, and I will paint the interior before I glue the body together. I have added some details, like the brass tube that will hold the gun mount, which has been glued under the corrugated sheet metal floor: