Some more progress

I fixed the side car to the bike and started to add dirt. The dirt is made from pigments and some enamel colors:

The brass pins in the tires will be used to fix the bike to the base.

And that is how the whole thing looks from below:

The dirt still needs some more refinement, with some splashes added. And of course the MG on the side car ist still missing.


Proceeding with the BMW bike

After the side car was built, I started to paint the bike. An initial primer layer of Mr Resin Primer was followed by Tamiya German grey, which was in turn oversprayed with a slightly brighter color mixed from German grey and light grey. I then tried to chip the upper color layer very cautiously using thinner and a brush, but this went not as intended. At least the color looked a bit faded, but I still have to add some chipping later with a brush.

Then I started to paint the details (engine etc.) with acrylics:

The sidecar decals are from the Masterbox kit, the registration plates are self made decals, as the kit decals do not fit onto the PE parts… The jerry can and its mount can be seen on a lot of war time photographs, and I really liked to also add this detail.

Then I continued painting the details, and also applied a pin wash made from dark oils. I also used my oil colors for a lot of little fadings and stains:

I will now continue with applying some highlights on the grey color, which will be followed by a filter to add some warmth to the grey. And then… the dirt…