Figures – start

During the last weeks, I built the figures and started painting them. I kept the arms, heads and hands apart for ease of painting. The parts of the gear were then cut into shape using the Dremel tool and a hobby knife to make them fit to the underlying parts of the figures (e.g. the bread bags). I then also added parts of the carrying straps from Milliput.

Then the figures and all parts left were primed using Tamiya grey, and then I started painting them. One figure is now finished except for the boots (I will paint these after the heads and the hands are finished and glued to the figures).

The painted figure:

Almost everything is painted using Vallejo acrylics, only for deeper recesses (gas masket can, canteen, mess kit) a slight oil wash was used. Seams were also highlighted and shadowed using acrylics.

I also started with the second figure:

The uniform jacket is already shadowed and highlighted, outlining is still missing. The belt and the ammunition pouches are also finished, the bread bag received its base color.