Opel with roof

The Opel is finished (for the time being). I attached the roof to the car and retouched the glued areas.

Now I will start working on the base. The sides of the base will be covered with veneer, stained and varnished. Then I want to add parts of a ruined factory building to fit the Opel and the figures.


burnt out Opel painted

After my summer holidays, I continued working on the Opel. I attached the registration plate holders and reworked the roof. Then everything was primed with Tamiya flat black.

Then I used different oil paints (Paynes’ grey and white) on the model, applying small dots of color and then blending them with a clean brush moistened with turpentine. The blending brush must be almost dry, so it is important to remove as much turpentine as possible on a paper towel before blending the colors.

After this has dried, rust was applied using thinned ochre yellow and burnt siena, and also blended.

As reference, I collected some pictures of burnt out cars in different states of decay. Light rust of a bright orange color seems to appear immediately after the burning, and this look I wanted to create. As time goes by, the car wreck continues to rust, with the rust becoming darker.

Now I have to attach the roof and rework the paint job, where the roof is glued to the car. Maybe I will also use some pigments.

And that is how the Opel looks like: