Panzer II – the base

I also continued working on the base. I added veneer stripes to the sides, stained and varnished them. After that, I painted the base colors of the paving using acrylics:

sockel-04 sockel-03


Panzer II – painting

I covered the tank with a base layer of Tamiya panzer grey, followed by an oils based filter and pinwash. After that, I added stains, streaks and other details again using oils. Finally, I added a first layer of pigments below the fenders:

Now the tank is finished and attached to the base. The tracks are from Friul. There will be also some figures at a later stage:

The Panzer II tank

I finished building the panzer so that it is ready to be painted now. The build went smoothly, I added some scratch built parts to the running gear and also to the tow shackles at the front of the tank. Apart from that, all parts are either from the Tamiya kit or the PE set. The 20mm gun and the MG are from an Aber set:

I also started with the base, which will be very simple, consisting only of a strip of resin cobblestone pavement. The white stones are made from plaster and are used to fill a gap between the resin parts.

sockel-02  sockel-01