The Pak crew is finished

After I added the final details, the three figures are now primed and ready to be painted:


adding more details

I continued to add further details, like the equipment, collars, uniform pouches etc. So the figures are now on the way to get finished, with some details left to be sculpted, like the gas tarpaulins. The heads are also already prepared.

Adding the trousers

The next step is to refine the body proportions by sanding and adding more Magic Sculp. I also started to rework the resin boots in the areas where they have been cut to allow for flexible poses, and to sculpt the trousers:

Stabilizing the poses

Now Magic Sculp is added to the wires to stabilize the poses, and to provide a basis for further refinement of the body proportions. It does not have to be nice, only stick to the wires…

Armatures for scale figure sculpting

I just started to redo the figures that go with the Panzer I and the PaK 37. Here, I would like to show how I build up my figures.

I start with building an armature from wire. I take two pieces of wire (e. g. brass, 0.6mm), and twist them together to form the “spine” (pictures 1 and 2). I then bend the arms and legs (picture 3), and add a “neck” made from a short piece of wire to the spine (picture 4). Finally, I partially fix the armature by adding a “pelvis” and a “chest” from Magicsculp (picture 5):

To get the size of the armature right, I searched on Google for a skeleton picture used by artists to help in painting humans. This was then scaled to 1/35 scale and printed. So I can check the appropriate size of my armature by simply placing it on the printout.