The figures

The peasant couple is now finished and already primed, like the soldier from Alpine. For this figure, I also crafted another head from a Hornet head and a overseas cap, which is more lively and also somehow aggressive, which helps to convey the “invader” topic of the overall scene. Finally I noticed that the figures from the Dragon Panzerbefehlswagen kit are too large, so I started to build the tanker also from scratch. As this guy will peep out of the hatch on top of the tank, the boots will not be visible, so I used the large Dragon parts there.

The tanker figure is now finished and in the course of being painted:


The base and the figures

I started to work on the base, which will be very simple: a part of a plain trail with some grass on its side. As I only started to paint it, it looks very toy-like at the moment.

There will also be some figures, a soldier from Alpine, a tanker (reworked from one of the figures that come with the Dragon tank) and a Russian peasant couple, that will be scratch built. I already started with the woman, it is on the way to get finished soon: