Continuing with the figures

The peasant figure is now finished and fixed to the base:

I also started with the two soldiers. On the first one, I finished highlights and shadows on the coat:

And the bike… Consulting the material from the BMW website, I started crafting the parts for the frame. Next time I will show some pictures as well.



Now the head is finished

Although I watched many fascinating soccer games this week, I managed to finish the head of the peasant figure. Below are some pictures, the first three taken after the base color and the highlights of the face were applied, the last three show the finished head featuring the Milliput beard:

The headless peasant

After returning from my holiday, I finished the peasant figure (apart from the head). The figure is painted with acrylics, earth stains and dirt were added using enamels and pigments. Then I glued everything together and fixed the wheel barrow and the figure to the base. Finally the potatoe sack was glued to the wheel barrow, after earth stains were also added using pigments again. The wooden bucket containing potatoes was positioned in front of the figure.

After some final touch ups I am quite happy with the result. Now the soldiers have to be finished and the motorcycle has finally to be assembled and painted.

Below you will find some pictures: