Russian peasants

Looking back at my sculpted figures, I realized that I have to practice and to refine my skills there much more. I browsed through some war gamer sculpting web sites, looking at the different techniques used.

Then I decided to redo the Russian peasant couple from the Panzerbefehlswagen I scene. I started creating armatures using two pieces of intertwined copper wire, that was then strenghtened using putty  at the chest and the pelvis region. Then I added shoes and also a head (only temporary):


I then bent the armatures to their respective poses, and fixed these by adding putty to the wires. It looks quite ugly, but it does the trick.

Then I added again some putty to build up the body proportions, and started with the clothing. The peasant has his trousers added, and to the female figure I added the upper part of  her dress, as well as some stockings (as far as the will be visible below the dress:

Now I have finished the two figures, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures while I was sculpting. So these are the finished figures:

Both were sculpted based on historical pictures, like the original figures I made. The guy got a cap, as I did not really like his original hair style. I also changed the legs of the peasant figure, as I had two nice legs available from another conversion project.

Now the figures are painted: