Painting the Panzer I

I now started painting the tank. I primed the model using Gunze Mr Surfacer, and then applied Tamiya German grey on top of it. Weathering was then done using pigments for dirt, and oils and enamels for dust and everything else. The tank is almost finished now:


The Panzer I is on its way

I also worked on the Panzer I, and I almost finished the build (apart from the towing cable and the headlights). I added a very nice brass upper hull from Aber, which involved a lot of soldering, but building it was actually some real fun. So that is the tank right now:

So it is almost ready to get painted.

Continued to work on the pak crew

In the meantime, I made further progress with the crew for the anti tank gun. The first figure is finished, and already fixed to the base:

Sculpting on the second figure is also finished, and painting is on its way:

The face only received a first layer of color, with the eyes added. The insignia on the helmet are Archer transfers, which are perfectly applicable using their wet transfer paper.

The last figure is still in the sculpting stage:

Now I also finished the second figure: