I finally finished the Kharkov winter scene. Enjoy!


Converting a SS soldier

The very last figure to add to the scene will be a SS tanker that is sitting on the scout car. I will use a figure from Alpine for this one, which has to be slightly converted:

The first picture shows the original figure that is standing upright.

I cut off the legs right under the uniform jacket, and also cut off the lower parts of the legs, so that I can reuse the boots and the lower part of the legs. Then I inserted an armature made from copper wire into the parts, that resembles the pelvis, the legs and a part of the spine.

The last picture then shows the legs bent into their position on the car.

Following that, I fixed the pose by adding putty to the wire armature. Not nice, but it works:

Finally, I added the new trousers legs and details like the flaps, and the braces. Now the figure is ready for painting:

And that is how the finished figure looks like:

Some whitewash

I made quite some progress with the scout car. After priming and airbrushing the body of the car with Tamiya German Grey, I added some sponge chippings with red primer, which were then refined using a black brown acrylic color. Then I did some whitewash on top of that, using the hair spray chipping technique:

Finally, I added a pin wash, followed by some refinements using oils, pigments under the mud guards and some dark washes on the lower hull. I also lightened up the chipped whitewash using white enamel color (this is called mapping by Michael Rinaldi), which adds some nice contrast. The last picture then shows the wheels fitted with snow chains.

The hair spray chipping worked out quite well, as I practiced quite a lot using an old cheap kit.

Now I also finished the wheels, added snow made from soda and white glue to the lower parts of the hull and the wheels, and fixed the scout car to the base:

Interior of the scout car

I finished building the interior of the SdKfz 222, so that I can start to paint it now, before gluing the hull together. I also sprayed the undercarriage with panzer grey, and fixed the engine to it:

The red primer looks quite ugly, but it will not be visible after the hull is closed. The other parts are sprayed with a slightly down toned white, and then chipped with a sponge. Then I added some brown – ochre wash and started to paint the details of the fitted gear, bearing in mind that a lot will not be visible later on.

I also fixed snow chains (from Minor,  a Spanish company) to the resin wheels I bought separately. Soldering works well, and the joints are soldered together fast enough not to leave any damage on the wheels:


Now I finished painting the interior, glued the lower part of the body to the undercarriage and added the radiator:

As next step I will glue the body together, and continue to build the vehicle.


I added the third figure

I finished the third figure and fixed it on the base:

The next figure will be the last to be standing on the ground, and it is already in the course of being painted:

There will be another figure, that will be seated on the SdKfz 222.

I also continued to work on the scout car, and I will paint the interior before I glue the body together. I have added some details, like the brass tube that will hold the gun mount, which has been glued under the corrugated sheet metal floor:

Kurt Meyer is finished

Now I finished painting the Kurt Meyer figure, and fixed it to the base. The next figure to be painted will be Max Wuensche:

I also continued to work on the SdKfz 222 vehicle. At the moment, I am building the interior, as far as it will be visible from outside. To finish this, I also build the carriage for the 2cm KwK and the machine gun. The kit parts for that are quite nicely detailed, but I think I will have to build some parts from scratch, as I want to have the gun vertically adjustable, some parts visible on my reference pictures are still missing and finally metal simply looks better than plastic: