update on the Pak

In the meantime I continued working on the Pak. I airbrushed the lower part, and I did quite some work on the gun itself:

I did use almost no parts from the Eduard PE set. And I am really looking forward to painting the whole thing.



Sculpting the third soldier

After finishing the frame body of the third figure, I added the boots, building them up from the soles on with a lot of sanding in between. Then I added the trousers legs (as far as they will be visible), and started working on the coat:

Building the soles from putty is not that satisfying, so I will try using sheet styrene instead. The last picture shows one part of my work – in – progress sole stack.

I made quite some progress:

And I am not so sure about the soles. Perhaps it is better to use putty, but to start with the heels…

Sculpting continued

In the meantime I have finished sculpting the first figure, and it is also almost completely painted:

The lower side of the hands is not worked out, as they will not be visible. The dirt on the coat will be refined with some more oil washes, and the skin parts need some more highlights.

I already started with the second figure. Currently I am working on the boots, they have to be sanded to shape, and then some more details will be added.

The sculpting is real fun, but also challenging. A lot to learn… For the buttons I use brass tubes of different sizes to punch them out of thinly rolled putty.

Now I finished the head of the first figure and mounted it onto the body (and do not mind the hands…):

And this is how the figure looks like on the base: