The cargo tray is finished

After a well deserved holiday break, I finished the cargo tray of the Opel Blitz. It was painted, chipped using a sponge, and then dusted using pigments with white spirit. This worked quite well, but the resulting dust layer is quite intense. But this should not be a problem, as it will be followed by a dark pin wash. And that is how the cargo tray looks like:

The wooden rod you can see on the pictures is fixed with a screw to a piece of sprue glued into the cargo tray to ease handling. As I intend to also add a tarp from putty, I do not care about the interior of the cargo tray…

I also finished painting the drivers cab, chipped it and dusted it:

So from now on I can really enjoy weathering, weathering and even more weathering… 🙂


Continued my work on the base

In the meantime I fixed the frame of the truck to the base, and added some touch ups with Celluclay. Then I added a pigment layer and a first oil wash (dark mud):

Besides the truck, I added two shovels. The smaller one is from the Opel, the other one from a resin tool kit.

I also started to construct the cargo area. Using the PE set, it is built from a frame made from brass, and some styrene plates (included in the PE set), that have to be crafted to look like the original wooden parts. I decided to use the kit parts instead, as they have a very nice wood structure. I carefully removed all the molded parts like hinges, fixations etc. with a chisel. As the PE parts will be located at exactly the same places as the molded parts, this should turn out fine in the end.

The brass underconstruction is already soldered together, has a nice fit and is quite stable. Actually I am quite happy that I soldered all the parts together, as I have no idea how this should go together using only superglue.

This is real fun, but still enough work to do…