The Pak crew is finished

After I added the final details, the three figures are now primed and ready to be painted:


Continuing with the Krad

I continued to build the rear of the Kettenkrad, adding the rails on both sides and the exhaust (which was completely missing in the kit). I also started to glue the overlapping road wheels of the running gear together, to avoid later problems with adjusting the wheels precisely. The whole array of wheels can still be removed from the axles to faciliate painting:

Kettenkrad riders

The Kettenkrad scene features four soldiers sitting on the back of the Krad, and on the trailer. These figures will be sculpted next. For the driver figure, I plan to use the converted driver from the Kettenkrad kit.

I start again with the armatures from brass wire, this time soldering the wires also together. Then I add some Milliput and the boots. The two figures that will be seated the lowest on the Krad have already been formed into their poses, with some Milliput used to stabilize the legs. The last pictures show how the two guys will be seated.