The cargo tray is finished

After a well deserved holiday break, I finished the cargo tray of the Opel Blitz. It was painted, chipped using a sponge, and then dusted using pigments with white spirit. This worked quite well, but the resulting dust layer is quite intense. But this should not be a problem, as it will be followed by a dark pin wash. And that is how the cargo tray looks like:

The wooden rod you can see on the pictures is fixed with a screw to a piece of sprue glued into the cargo tray to ease handling. As I intend to also add a tarp from putty, I do not care about the interior of the cargo tray…

I also finished painting the drivers cab, chipped it and dusted it:

So from now on I can really enjoy weathering, weathering and even more weathering… 🙂


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