After quite some time I finished the little Nebelwerfer scene. Building the launcher itself was fun, as the kit is very good, although sometimes a bit tricky to assemble. The Verlinden figures were a bit weak, so I added some volume to the clothing using Magicsculp. Now they look much more like wearing German winter uniforms. The third figure lifting up the launcher grenade is scratchbuilt. The heads are from Hornet.


New mini project: 15 cm Nebelwerfer 41

As I was doing research for the Panzerwerfer project, I also bought a 15 cm Nebelwerfer kit from Lionroar. It is actually a very nicely detailed kit, with the werfer tubes and their support being all made from brass. The carriage however will need some brass additions. As I was also searching for figures, I added a figure set from Verlinden, showing two soldiers in winter clothing that handle Nebelwerfer rockets. So when I came across the picture below, I thought that this would make a nice follow – up project for the Panzerwerfer.