Another new project – Warsaw street fighting

As the SdKfz 250 is on hold, I embarked on a new project. Inspired by a historical picture and a left over 3.7cm Pak, I decided to depict a little scene featuring a Panzer I and the Pak. This is the reference:


The Panzer I kit is from Tristar, I also bought myself some PE sets from Aber (basic details, fenders, upper hull). The Pak is from a Dragon kit, and will also be amended with a turned barrel and a PE set from Eduard. The figures will be based upon the crew from the old Tamiya 3.7cm Pak.

I already started building the tank. What a nice little vehicle it is…

In the meantime, I built the lower part of the hull, and detailed the suspension of the first road wheel a little bit, replacing the molded part. The interior I added only for fun, as it won’t be visible at all:


On hold for now

I built the road wheels and the lower part of the hull, and wanted to start constructing the interior. This was when I realized that Aber packed a wrong fret into my PE set, so I have to wait for a replacement from my retailer…

The Opel Blitz is finished – moving on to the figures

Now the Opel is finished! It went all quite well in the end: painting the tarp (base color with Tamiya mixture, then some pigments and pin washes), fixing the driver’s cab to the frame, and finally adding some more weathering (dirt splashes etc.) to harmonize the different parts of the vehicle.

I also added a towing cable to the front hooks, as this can be seen on almost all historical reference pictures in some form. And that is how the Opel looks now:

Now I will add another three figures. One is from Alpine, slightly reworked:

The other two figur are two guys originally rolling fuel drums, terribly sculpted and currently being strongly reworked:

Now the Alpine Figure is almost finished:

Milliput tarp for the cargo bay

I added a tarp made from Milliput to the cargo bay. It could show more wrinkles, but apart from that I am happy with the result. To get such a large flat sheet of Milliput, I used two sheets of baking paper, a lot of baby powder and a rolling pin, which worked great.

The pictures below show the tarp almost finished, the straps of the side covers, the attachment to the holding loops and some seams are still missing.

I also mounted the cargo bay to the frame without any problem, and added some splashes from thinned oil paint.

New project: Charkov 1943 revisited – with SPW SdKfz 250

While I am finishing the Opel Blitz, I also started to work on a new project. I want to add some more figures to the two guys from the Charkov 1943 vignette. I will add Max Wünsche as well as two grenadiers and a vehicle. The latter will be a SPW (SdKfz 250).

The SPW kit is from Dragon and resembles the /11 version with Panzerbüchse, which I will replace with a MG. I also have some PE sets from Aber in stock.

Until now, I started building the lower hull. I am excited to build this one, as I will first try a winter white wash with hair spray.