Further little details

Somehow the work on the bike does not proceed that well, I also spent most of my modelling time on other details for this project.

So now the sign post is fixed to the base:

Signpost 04

The bucket is also finished. I added some earth – colored pigments:

I also finished the wheelbarrow. It is painted using acrylics and oil washes, and I also added earth – colored pigments:

The hands of the peasant figure (already glued to the wheelbarrow) are still left to be painted.

I also started to paint the peasant figure using Vallejo acrylics, as usual:

That is the present state of the project. I think I will continue to paint the peasant figure, and then glue it together with the wheelbarrow to the base. Then I will continue with both building the bike and painting the two soldiers.

But for now I am off for two weeks, going on holiday…



The signpost

Meanwhile I airbrushed the grass using different shades of green, followed by a drybrushing of the tips with brighter colors. I also applied pigment and further oil washes to the earth areas around the grass. This is how the base looks like now:

I also finished the signpost. The sign were painted white, the decals applied, and finally the borders of the signs painted by hand using a dark grey acrylic. On the post itself I used the hairspray method to give it a weathered appearance. I applied two layers of hairspray, and then some Tamiya white. I then chipped the post until I was satisfied with the result. Then I glued the signs to the post, toned down the whole signpost with a grey brown filter, and finished the signs with some streaking effects using light grey and black oils. The green mossy areas on the bottom are also made from oils. This is the finished post, the last picture shows the original source of inspiration:

Another small detail will be a wooden bucket filled with potatoes. The bucket came with the peasant and the wheelbarrow, the potatoes are hand made from Milliput. Everything was painted using acrylics, oil washes and some pigments for the dirt on the potatoes. The handle, which is made from a pievce of rope is not yet painted, and I also wnat to apply some more oils:


Continued to work on the base

I added another layer of celluclay to the base where the road will be. The earth areas were then primed using Vallejo US Field Drab, and then washed and colored using different oils (light mud, dark mud, industrial earth). The small stones are painted in a light grey color, and also washed using oils. The gras was primed with the airbrush, but it has to become brighter and more colorful. This is how the base looks like now:

On the side of the road there will also be a signpost, which was inspired by an original picture from a Russian road. The post is made from a wooden stick, that I have treated with a wire brush to achieve a rough surface texture. It was then painted using different Vallejo acrylics (beige brown, German camo black brown, deck tan, medium grey), and finally washed using some oils (black, burnt umber).

The signs are made from sheet styrene, and will be labeled with self made decals (I spent quite some time looking for a nice cyrillic font…). The following pictures show the parts of the signpost: