refurbishing continued…

The next scene I reworked was the Panzerwerfer. I removed the snow, added some trees and bushes and changed the setting to winter with much less snow cover. Hence I also repainted the winter uniforms showing the splinter pattern side, and added a third figure from Alpine.


Next refurbishment

Following the changes made to the Panzer I in Poland, I also rebuilt the Panzerbefehslwagen I (using some stuff from the old vehicle), and also repainted the figures. The tanker is now a slightly converted Alpine offering, and the peasants are from Stalingrad and scratch built.

The last figures

Now I finished the last two figures for the overall scene. They are stock Dragon injection moulded ones, not the best details, but I reworked them, adding resin boots, new heads of course, and some gear from the spares box. After having painted them, I am quite happy with the results:

Now I have to fix them to the base, and do some final touch ups on the ground work.

Adding the first figures

After having finished the vehicles, I started to paint the figures for the scene. The first three are stock Alpine offerings, with a slight modification on the guy with the Stug 44:

These figures will be placed on the road, marching into the direction the Maultier is going.

Following these, I will add another three Alpine figures, one from a Charkov set, that will be converted slightly. They will be grouped at the back of the Schwimmwagen, depicting some gathering.

Finished the Schwimmwagen

I also finished the Schwimmwagen. After adding all missing parts, I airbrushed it using Tamiya acrylics, and weathered it using a lot of oils, as well as mud made from enamels and plaster.

I also created a base featuring a muddy forest road, with a lot of fallen autumn leaves on each side. I attached both vehicles to the base, and harmonized all mud areas using oils.

Now I will work on the figures, that I have planned to add. I will use quite a lot, five resin offerings from Alpine, and I also want to add three to four figures from a Dragon set, that have to be detailed a bit first.


The Schwimmwagen

After finishing the build of the Opel Maultier, I started to work on the Schwimmwagen. The kit is from Tamiya, and I will add PE parts from an Aber set. I will start with detailing the two hull parts, which will also be painted and weathered before being glued together:

Most additional parts are from the PE set, with some scratch built parts from styrene and brass.

I now painted and weathered the interior, and glued the hull together. Then I continued adding details and PE parts: