New project – Panzerbefehlswagen I in Russia

Inspired by the fun I had building the small Panzer I, and by some great historical reference pictures, I decided to build a Panzerbefehlswagen I (SdKfz 265). These are the references, from Russia in 1941:

The vehicle has a very awkward look, and the stowage also looks great. The kit I have is from Dragon, and I also got hold of two Aber PE sets for a Panzer I B. So some parts have to be scratch build, including the typical frame antenna. I look very much forward to building this one!


Some more details

To make things more interesting, I will add some details to the scene. I bought a bike kit from Masterbox some time ago that also contains some nice PE add-ons. I did not like the thin and fragile plastic bike frame of the kit at all, so I decided to rebuild the bike from brass parts. This also allowed me to keep the wheels and other parts movable, which made painting a lot easier. The kit also contains a hand bag and an umbrella, which I will scatter across the pavement, together with a self made Polish newspaper (from Magic Sculp and a self made decal):

The bike is just being painted (some details and washes are still missing).

Now everything is finished and attached to the base: