Kurt Meyer is finished

Now I finished painting the Kurt Meyer figure, and fixed it to the base. The next figure to be painted will be Max Wuensche:

I also continued to work on the SdKfz 222 vehicle. At the moment, I am building the interior, as far as it will be visible from outside. To finish this, I also build the carriage for the 2cm KwK and the machine gun. The kit parts for that are quite nicely detailed, but I think I will have to build some parts from scratch, as I want to have the gun vertically adjustable, some parts visible on my reference pictures are still missing and finally metal simply looks better than plastic:

Kharkov 1943 LAH continued

Now I started to work again on the Kharkov LAH vignette, replacing the planned SdKfz 250 with a SdKfz 222. The kit is from Hobbyboss, and is very nicely detailed. I will also add some figures from Alpine Miniatures, Max Wünsche, Kurt Meyer and some SS soldiers.

I almost finished the chassis of the SdKfz 222:

kfz-01 kfz-02

I also started to work on the base. The snow is made from plaster, with imprinted tire marks and footprints. On top, I added a mixture made from baking soda and white glue, which dries to a nice icy sheen:

sockel-01 sockel-03

The figures that will be placed directly into the snow are already primed, and Kurt Meyer received the first paint…