Sonderkommando Dora finished

After fixing the Kuebel to its base, and adding some stowage (some scratchbuilt, some from the spares box), I started to paint the figures. Both were stock figures, requiring slight changes to make them fit to the windscreen position as shown in the reference picture. Then painting started. I also added a board with a map, which is actually a real Dora map.

Having finished painting the figures, I fixed them to the car. Now this scene is also finished.


Building the Kuebel

I have finished the build of the vehicle, which went quite smooth after having built another Kuebelwagen just before. I also added some jerry/water cans, and put the car on its base. Now I will start adding some more stowage, as well as two figures.

I also added some more stowage:

Another Kuebelwagen: North Africa 1942

I want to build another Kuebelwagen, being inspired from a well known wartime reference picture:

It shows a vehicle from “Sonderkommando Dora”, a special operation conducted in June 1942. The goal was to gain intelligence on the enemies’ positions south of Lybia, and to interrupt the allied supplies arriving that way. This operation was called “Kommando Dora”, and the aforementioned “Sonderkommando” was part of this operation, with the goal of mapping parts of southern Lybia for military purposes.

The picture now shows two soldiers sitting on a Kuebelwagen and studying a map, in the middle of some impassable area covered with large blocks of basalt.

On the fender of the car the emblem of this operation, a scorpion, is also visible: