More figures…

The third soldier is now also almost finished, and I started to sculpt the coat of the fourth guy that will be sitting in the trailer:

Now I have finished the last figure:


The first two figures are finished

In the meantime I finished the first two figures that will be sitting on the bench in the back of the Kettenkrad:

With the third figure, that will sit on top of the other two, I am currently working on the coat. I just realized that the belt is sitting way to high up, so there will be some corrections to be made. Work on the fourth figure (sitting in the trailer) has just started:

Further work on the Kettenkrad riders

Based on my experience from scultping the PaK crew, I think that is really important to shape the body proportions accurately. Doing so, sculpting the clothing is much easier, as there is no need to correct the shape of the body, and full attention can be paid to get the clothing right.

I also noticed that it is so much easier to sculpt clothing from putty that has already started to cure. It is less sticky, holds the shapes much better and there is almost no danger of leaving fingerprints on items made from rolled out putty when applying them to the figure.

Bearing these findings in mind, I continued to work on the two soldiers that will sit on the back seat of the Kettenkrad. The pictures show them at a stage where the trousers are shaped, and the lower parts of the coats are also put into place. You can also see the much more defined upper parts of the body.

Kettenkrad riders

The Kettenkrad scene features four soldiers sitting on the back of the Krad, and on the trailer. These figures will be sculpted next. For the driver figure, I plan to use the converted driver from the Kettenkrad kit.

I start again with the armatures from brass wire, this time soldering the wires also together. Then I add some Milliput and the boots. The two figures that will be seated the lowest on the Krad have already been formed into their poses, with some Milliput used to stabilize the legs. The last pictures show how the two guys will be seated.

Adding the trousers

The next step is to refine the body proportions by sanding and adding more Magic Sculp. I also started to rework the resin boots in the areas where they have been cut to allow for flexible poses, and to sculpt the trousers:

Stabilizing the poses

Now Magic Sculp is added to the wires to stabilize the poses, and to provide a basis for further refinement of the body proportions. It does not have to be nice, only stick to the wires…