Tankart by Michael Rinaldi

As Christmas present I bought myself volume 2 (Allied Armor WW2) and volume 3 (Modern Armor) of the Tankart series by Michael Rinaldi. Volume 1 (German Armor WW2) is being reprinted currently and will arrive at some point in time…

The books deal with painting and weathering of tank models. The layout is very nice and artistic, and they convey a lot of useful information, and also feature many very informative pictures.

Overall the books are clearly recommendable and very inspiring.

  • Michael is a real master of hair spray chipping
  • The finishes and detailings achieved with oils (what he calls oil paint rendering or OPR) are world class and the results look very realistic
  • His usage of pigments is also very versatile, and explained very thoroughly
  • Rust effects also look brilliant, being made with acrylics, as well as oils and enamels

After reading the books I immediately increased my stock of oils and pigments, and also went for the Lifecolor rust set. I also rediscovered a drying retarter for acrylics I bought some time ago.

I will experiment a bit with the new products to enhance the look of my current project. The first thing to test will be the rust colors, then I will try to work with the drying retarder.