The Interior

I started to work on the Sd Kfz 231 by building the undercarriage, which is quite elaborate due to having eight wheels that are all steered and used to propel the vehicle. As I would like to open quite a few hatches, the interior also has to be detailed, which is not as easy, as with the kit comes only little interior. I also looked around on the web, but I found almost no information on the interior. I did not find anything that is not included in the Nuts & Bolts vol 35, which has some pages with pictures and explanations from one of the few surviving Sd Kfz 231.

So I added some parts (mainly the ammunition racks for the 2cm KwK) and some storage for the personal equipment of the crew. This is then how the interior looks like before and after painting:

I also started to work on the figures. I will use four tankers from Alpine and two French civilians, one old guy walking along and one guy running a coffee house. Two of the tankers are ready for painting, one of them was reworked a little. It actually had an open jacket, which I found much to casual, so I closed it using Magic Sculp. I also started painting the faces of the two French guys:


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