Now I have finished the Puma build. Construction went well and very fast, as I didn’t wanted to show interior details, apart from the two hatches on top of the turret. But these two were planned to be filled with the two SS tanker figures, so also no need to apply more detail than the rudimentary gun breech from the kit.

The vegetation on the base is from Silhoutte, and turns out to be quite realistic. The grass on the base was airbrushed and highlighted using Tamiya acrylics, but the foliage on the “bushes” that were used to camouflage the vehicle were used from the box, after receiving a layer of matt varnish (also to cover the shiny spots from glueing the foliage to the branches). Attaching the foliage is a quite stressful endeavour, and finally I got the best results by cutting the foliage material into small pieces, that were then attached with a slow, gel-like superglue from the hobby shop. CA used for PE dries out to fast, and also the gel structure helps to attach the material much better. I also tried white glue, but this dries way to slow.

Actually applying the bushes as camouflage was fun, and I managed to strike the balance between applying an sufficient amount of bushes to appear realistic (which is a lot, as can be seen from historic reference fotos), and still being able to show some details of the vehicle.

The figures are stock Alpine.


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