Converting a SS soldier

The very last figure to add to the scene will be a SS tanker that is sitting on the scout car. I will use a figure from Alpine for this one, which has to be slightly converted:

The first picture shows the original figure that is standing upright.

I cut off the legs right under the uniform jacket, and also cut off the lower parts of the legs, so that I can reuse the boots and the lower part of the legs. Then I inserted an armature made from copper wire into the parts, that resembles the pelvis, the legs and a part of the spine.

The last picture then shows the legs bent into their position on the car.

Following that, I fixed the pose by adding putty to the wire armature. Not nice, but it works:

Finally, I added the new trousers legs and details like the flaps, and the braces. Now the figure is ready for painting:

And that is how the finished figure looks like:


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