Panzerbefehlswagen I

I started the next project with the assembly of the tank. The idea is to use a PE Panzer IB hull from Aber, and to build the characteristic top of the hull  from the kit parts. I am in the process of soldering the upper hull together, which is actually a lot of fun :

Now I fitted the upper hull from the original kit parts into the brass hull, and reworked the weld seams from Magic Sculp. I regretted a little to cut away again a lot of the brass hull, but I think this was the best solution to fit the parts together. There is still much brass left, and I try to replace a lot of plastic, especially rods and tubes with brass, as metal simply looks better.

I also continued with the hull, adding the exhaust and the rear fenders. I also built the runing gear, and replaced the kit shock absorbers of the foremost road wheel with a more accurate version scratchbuilt from brass and copper. The other parts are from the Dragon kit or the Aber PE set. Finally, I bought tracks from Friul, and started to put some of the links together:

And again some progress:


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