Painting Felduniform 44 with Vallejo acrylics

I use a mixture of Vallejo US Olive Drab (889) and English Uniform (921) for painting German Felduniform 44. The original color is slightly more brownish, but I am happy with the color I use.

Below are some color samples:

Farben Felduniform 44


  • A : English Uniform (921)
  • B : Field Grey (830)
  • E: Russian Uniform (924)
  • G: US Olive Drab (889)

C is mixed from 921 and 830, D from 921 and German Cam Black Brown (822). Both look very similar, but I think both are too bright.

F is mixed from 921 and 924. I use color H, mixed from 889 and 921.


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