April 1945 – vignette first version

Dragon features a nice figure set (1/35 German Grenadiers “Last Battle”, Austria 1945 – GEN 2 Series), four German soldiers wearing Felduniform 44. The build was mainly OOB and I combined the figures to a small vignette. The figures are nicely detailed, but the proportions are a bit strange, as the guys look a bit like star body builders… I would have liked to replace the heads with Hornet ones, but these would have looked way to small, so I used the original heads. And also the helmets are oversized, but let’s start to build…

The archway is scratchbuilt, casted and carved from a massive block of plaster and then painted. I worked it after a picture I took on my daily way to work. The carving is very time consuming, and your desktop will look like a bakery afterwards. If I will ever produce something like this again, I will use harder plaster. But by carving it by yourself, you can quite nicely recreate the brick structure of the walls, something that is almost always wrong on commercially avaliable ruins. And you will have a really unique backdrop for your scene.

The groundwork is partly plaster, the cobblestones are a resin offering from Verlinden.

Berlin 1945 01 Berlin 1945 02 Berlin 1945 03


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